According to the Small Business Administration, about 90 percent of American businesses are family-owned or controlled. For many of these families, the business is the most significant asset – it comprises the majority of the family’s wealth – and yet is often given little consideration in estate planning. Attorneys who counsel business owners (or their family members) in virtually any capacity should be aware of the importance of valuing the business. Business valuations for the purposes of estate planning (or gifting programs) are useful in many situations, from determining value so that ownership interests can be established to tax minimization strategies to protection from potential IRS conflicts.

Arxis Financial’s valuation specialists provide clients with a comprehensible valuation that aids attorneys, business owners, management, and financial planners in decision-making. We also have extensive experience in presenting and defending our findings in the context of litigation. Our clients benefit from having valuation professionals who understand the realities of market valuations, resulting in very defensible valuations. Our experts are well-known in the industry and highly respected for their depth of knowledge and resources.

If you have any questions about Business Valuation Services for Estate Planning and Gifting Programs, please feel free to contact us.