Arxis Financial’s “Litigation Consulting” practice provides objective and independent evaluation of business valuations, in particular, the economic and financial issues involved in commercial and civil litigation. Business valuations can be prepared by Arxis Financial personnel, and supported in litigation proceedings by our Litigation Consulting personnel. We can also evaluate valuations prepared by experts hired by opposing counsel.

Our specialists have extensive experience in presenting and defending our findings in litigation proceedings, including depositions and trial at local, state and federal court levels, as well as mediation and arbitration. We assist attorneys in interpreting the valuation, and help counsel to understand and analyze events or issues. This level of support can be a key asset in determining a legal strategy as well as reaching a reasonable and efficient conclusion.

Our clients benefit from having valuation professionals who understand the realities of market valuations much better than the purely theoretical practitioners, resulting in very defensible and clear valuations. A key reason that attorneys engage Arxis Financial is our ability to analyze, explain and present financially complex valuation issues, which is an important asset in determining a legal strategy as well as achieving your client’s goals. Our experts are well-known in the industry and highly respected for their depth of knowledge and resources.

If you have any questions about Litigation Consulting Services for Business Valuations, please feel free to contact us.